June 2017

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Kabul, Afghanistan - Seven people died Saturday in Kabul when suicide bombers truck the funeral of a man killed during anti-government protests, Afghan official said.

Three big bangs went off at the funeral of Salem Izadyar, the son of Mohammaf Alam Izadyar, first deputy chairman of the Afghan senate, a witness told CNN. 

The Taliban denied involvement in the funeral attack... Read more

(CNN, June 3, 2017)


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Barcelona, Spain - Catalonia’s long awaited and bitterly controversial referendum on independence from spain will be finally held on 1 October, the regional government announced on Friday, triggering yet another political and judicial showdown with Madrid.

The Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, said the voters in the unilateral referendum would be asked the question: ‘Do you want Catalonia to be an independent country in the form of a republic?’  Read more

(The Guardian, June 9, 2017)


Washington - A U.S. strike aircraft shot down a Syrian government fighter jet shortly after it bombed U.S.-backed Syrian fighters in North Syria, the Pentagon said in a statement Sunday.

The Pentagon said the shoot-down came hours after Syrian government-backed forces attacked U.S.-backed fighters, known as the Syrian Democratic Forces in the village of Ja’din, As the attack unfolded, the U.S. military used a deconfliction channel to communicate with the Syrian government to stop...  Read more

(Washington Post, June 18, 2017)


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